Celebrate #RepairDay on 20 October 2018

International Repair Day is on Saturday 20 October! How are you planning to celebrate it? Get involved!

This day is about making repair as visible as possible. We want to highlight the value of repair and promote global efforts to fix the stuff we own.

Whether you are an individual, community group or repair business there are many ways to celebrate, online and offline. We have put together all the materials and information you need to shout about repair in the lead-up to the day and during Repair Day.

Join us on 20 October celebrating Repair Day. Our friends Leyla Acaroglu and iFixit’s founder Kyle Wiens have already shared their excitement!



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    20 Ottobre 2018 è "Repair Day", per il diritto di poter riparare - Il Blog di Michele Pinassi

    […] nella mia Siena si correrà una carriera straordinaria, nel resto del mondo sarà celebrato il Repair Day 2018, giornata per la sensibilizzazione su questo importante […]

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