Repair for Everyone – October 21st is the seventh annual International Repair Day!

This year for Repair Day, we want Repair for Everyone. While we, as a collective, have made a huge difference to the public perception and resurgence of repair, it’s still not accessible to everyone. Why? Well, With manufacturers preventing repair of their products for profit and a lack of incentive by the government to support repair, fixing is often either too difficult, costly or time-consuming for people. By repairing and reusing your things, you can save money and the environment. We’re calling for a real Right to Repair, so that repairing your stuff can be an option for everyone.

You can access the toolkit for promoting the event here, including materials in multiple languages.

How are you going to celebrate?

There are already loads of events registered on our global map of confirmed activities on and around Saturday 21 October. And if you can’t find one near you, Waste Innovation Station in the UK and Estrategia Circular in Mexico are holding online events. 

You can submit your own event, initiative or endorsement with this form and we’ll add it to the map so that people in your local community can join in. 

And there are plenty of ways that everyone can celebrate at home too. These include:

  • repair an item that you’ve had lying around for a while, if you need help you can find a local community repair event here;
  • share your experience and post a photo/video of your repair on social media using the hashtag #RepairDay #RepairforEveryone. This could be a positive experience of repair, or a frustrating one, anything that tells the story of why you want more support for repair for everyone;
  • encourage your family and friends to do the same;
  • pass on your knowledge by helping someone else with a repair; 
  • or support a local repair business.

However you are celebrating the day, we’d love to hear about it. We’ve updated a social media toolkit for Repair Day, which you can view here. You can also sign up to our newsletter for updates.

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