Repair Day 19/10/19

Get involved in Repair Day 2019

On Saturday 19 October we celebrate the third edition of International Repair Day, a day to promote and celebrate the value of fixing.  This year’s edition focuses on Repair for Climate, Repair for Future.

Add your event

Are you planning an event for Repair Day? Please share details using this form. We’ll add your event to the map below. There’s already over 250 events confirmed worldwide, see the full list.

How can you get involved?

We want everyone to be part of Repair Day, online as well as offline. Here are some ideas to get involved on the day:

  • Attend a community repair event
  • Support a local repair business
  • Fix something yourself
  • Share a picture of your repair (successful or not!) or of a memorable repair
  • Support the crowdfunder for Norwegian repairer Henrik Huseby, fighting in court for Right to Repair
  • Join our mailing list for updates

Visual resources

We’ve created new resources to share to announce Repair Day and celebrate it on the day. Use them online and offline to endorse, promote and celebrate Repair Day.

Repair Day 2019
Repair Day Logo
You can access multiple versions of the logo in colour and b&w.









Repair Day –  social media cards
You can download 7 social media cards, in both squared version (for Instagram and Facebook) and rectangular (for Twitter)

Repair Day A4 Posters
You access the poster in colour and b&w, plus a customisable version to add your own logo. Also, poster-size versions of some of the cards above

Are you a repair business?

You can post a picture of you fixing, holding the FIXED! poster.
Alternatively, join in using any of our cards on social media.

Hashtags and messages

We’ll be sharing using #RepairDay and #RepairForFuture. You can also add the word ‘repair’ in your local language as well, such as #Ripara or #Reparatur.

Here are a few suggestions for messages to share:

  • Broken is not an option!
  • Obey your conscience, disobey the throw-away economy. Repair!
  • A fixed thing is a beautiful thing
  • Celebrate your Right to Repair

Alert the local media!

Download and customize our template press release (EN) (DE) (FR) (NL) for your local event – make sure you add all the details and send it off to the local media. You can even use it for posting on your blog or social media!

Other shareable content