Using the combined ORDS data, we hope to expand upon the insights produced by individual ORA members, to incorporate data from across repair networks.

We also want the wider community to be able to engage in this analysis – the ORDS datasets are open and downloadable.  If you have found something interesting in the data, please get in touch.  We can also provide tool support to analyse the data.

Insights from ORA members

ORA members have been producing insights from their individual datasets.  With ORDS data, we hope to extend this analysis across networks.

Repair data from partners has also been used in reports from other organisations.

  • Long Live the Machine: How ecodesign & energy labelling can prevent premature obsolescence of laptops (ECOS)

Tool support for visualisation and analysis

Using tools such as Metabase and Google Data Studio, we can produce statistics and visualisations from the ORDS data.  Below are some example statistics that can be produced with these tools.  If you’d like to discuss how to use these tools on ORDS data, get in touch.  You can of course use the raw data with any tool of your choice.

Note: the below visualisations are using a working set of product categories – the exact set of categories to be used in ORDS is still under discussion. The visualisations include data not yet available on the aggregate download.

Data Studio