introducing open repair

The Open Repair Alliance is a group of community repair organisations collaborating to achieve electrical and electronic products that are more durable and easier to repair.

Why Open Repair?

New products launched on the market are increasingly difficult to repair, and often unsupported by manufacturers. Together, we will change the way products are made, supported and taken care of when they need a repair.

Citizen Action

We share a passion for citizen-driven action, made clear by continuous growth of community pop-up repair activities across the world.

The Open Repair Data Standard

As part of the work of the Open Repair Alliance, we are building an open standard for the collection and sharing of open data on electronics repair. The goal of a standard is to make it easy to collect and share open data on electronics repair between many different groups.

How Open Repair works


Our organisations are actively involved in community repair worldwide.


We are building ways to collect and share data on the repairs that we do.


We can tell the stories that matter - on citizen frustration and the importance of repair.


Together, we can make a strong case to manufacturers, designers and policy-makers.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss our work and join the Alliance, please get in touch.

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