RepairMonitor fact sheet 2022

Every year, Open Repair Alliance partner Repair Café International compiles the most striking results from repair data collected in their platform the RepairMonitor in to a fact sheet.

In 2022, analysis of the data showed:

  • ‘Magic touch’ of the repairer is sometimes all it takes
  • Main reason for repair failure: no spare parts
  • Electric heaters more popular since sharp rise in gas prices in 2022

Find out more: RepairMonitor: replacing a part is most common procedure.



    I work for the repair cafe, Kenilworth uk
    We have been going for. 2 years this month and now want to share our data going forward with all, where do I download the form and how do I submit it

      Neil Mather

      Hi Phil,

      Great to hear about RC Kenilworth and the data you have been collecting.

      You can find more information on how to get started here:

      Given the overheads for each data source that we include, we don’t tend to incorporate include data sources that are individual groups, instead focusing on data from networks of groups. The data from these networks tends to come from one of the existing online platforms (e.g. Repair Monitor,, etc). So – the recommendation for individual groups is generally to use one of the platforms from which data is already pulled into the ORA data.

      Best wishes

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