How to get started using the standard

The Open Repair Alliance has developed an open standard for the collection and sharing of data on small electrical and electronic products repair.

Certain information is required for your data collection to comply with the standard. You will need to keep track of the product you attempt to fix, of how the repair went and of where and when it happened.

In terms of data sharing, our open standard implies that all data will be collected and shared with a Creative Commons license.

You can find more information on data processing in our open standard document. As the open standard evolves, we will update and publish changes on our website.

Tools to implement

You can start collecting data in any of the repair events or activities you run, and there are many ways to implement the standard.

  • The Restart Project has developed a community platform,, where event organisers can enter their data on the Fixometer tool
  • The Repair Cafe Foundation has released an online tool, the Repair Monitor
  • Anstiftung has implemented data collection on its own platform for community repair events in Germany
  • Fixit Clinic asks participants to fill in online forms about their product before and after each repair event

Get in touch for help

Please let us know if you decide to contribute with your data, and in what way you will collect and share it. Get in touch also if you need help getting started.