Save the Date: Repair Day 2018

This October we are running the second edition of International Repair Day, which will take place on Saturday 20th October 2018, during Repair Cafe Week. Get in touch if you are planning a special activity for the day. In mid September we’ll share resources and create a map of all confirmed events in the run-up to the day.

International Repair Day is about making repair more visible, and celebrating the value in fixing our stuff, sharing skills and avoiding waste from going into landfills.

What is more, this edition will focus on the Right to Repair what we own, at a time when both in the United States and across Europe there are efforts to push legislation for repair, including bringing wider access to spare parts and information, or better product design, so that things last longer and are easier to repair.

How can you get involved?

Whether you’re an avid repairer or someone trying to avoid waste, there’s something for everyone to celebrate Repair Day.

Why not have a go fixing that device you’ve been meaning to repair? If you need help and want to repair with others, what better day to drop by a community event to learn a new skill? Or if you are already skilled, join a repair event as a volunteer and help others gain confidence!
repair in community
If you’re part of a group already running repair activities, you can take this opportunity to run a special community repair event on the day. Or maybe this could be a chance to start a new group if there isn’t one active in your area! Find more information on how to run a Restart Party, Repair Cafe or Fixit Clinic.

However, repair doesn’t only happen at community events. This is why we should also celebrate and support the important work of local independent repair shops. We encourage you to visit a repairer on Repair Day, and we invite community repair groups to get in touch with local repair businesses and invite them to join their activities. Among many others last year, Iranian repairers embraced the first edition of the International Repair Day:

#RepairDay !

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This day can also be a chance for companies who provide repair information, spare parts and tools to raise awareness about their work, endorse International Repair Day and our Right to Repair, and perhaps run special events or promotions.

On International Repair Day, everyone is invited to celebrate repair. Join the day and be part of a movement that calls for our right to fix the stuff we own.

How will you celebrate Repair Day? Leave a comment below or get in touch to let us know.

Update: Open Repair Alliance member Anstiftung Foundation published this Save the Date in German on their website

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