International Repair Day grows massively in second year

The second annual International Repair Day grew massively from the first, growing from 65 events to over 150. Activists celebrated the day in 21 countries, on five continents. Members of the Open Repair Alliance (and future members) made it a real success. There was loads of activity on Twitter and Instagram to commemorate the day.

Together we fixed clothes, shoes, wetsuits, tools, furniture, electronics, toys, musical instruments, appliances and even shared new kits/products to enable fixing.

Posted by Restarters Oslo on Saturday, 20 October 2018


Right to Repair gains global profile

For the first time, we sensed repair activists across the world talking about the “Right to Repair” and standing up for better products, and a better relationship to our stuff. In the US, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Consumers Union helped promote the day, as did the Repair Coalition, the organisation driving the ongoing Right to Repair campaign.

In Europe, the European Environmental Bureau launched a new video on the Right to Repair, hinting a future European campaign, watch this space.


Businesses join in

But the day was not just for activists and communities – repair is a vital part of the economy we need. Numerous small businesses, innovators inside of big companies, and disruptive new businesses are promoting repair. Thanks to Sugru, iFixit, eSpares, and Finisterre for joining in during Repair Day. Next year we hope to see more.

Small businesses shared their repairs as well – and even a private vocational college in Tennessee.

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Today’s is International Repair Day, a day to promote and celebrate the value of fixing. Marking our right to repair and the need for products to be more durable, efficient and repairable. “The UK produces a total of 31 million tonnes of waste per year , equivalent to a queue of double decker buses spanning two and a half times round the world . The land, air and sea is suffocating from chemicals leaching from landfill into the environment. The circle of fast fashion; consume then throw away is deeply damaging. At Finisterre we are making products to last many life times, to hand down to our children to pass on the message of treading gently on the Earth. Today we celebrate the act of repairs, but this is something that happens everyday in communities around the world from tribes to conscious companies. We are proud to champion the act of repairs in our workshop at Wheal Kitty, tending to each item that arrives with dedicated hands. Breathing life and new adventures into each piece for generations to come.” Amy Brock Morgan (@brockandrollin ) Learn more via the link in our bio. #repairday

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Media coverage

Major media covered the event around the world too – we estimate we reached up to 1 million people with media.

Australia: ABC Radio (Sydney)
Germany: Süddeutsch Zeitung
Global: BBC World Service (BBC Click)
US: Boing Boing
UK: Positive News


Next year

Save the date: 19th October, 2019. We’re going to approach the United Nations about backing the day next year, so we can reach out to Asia and more of Latin America and Africa. In the meantime, you can join in community repair, continue to support your local repair business, and join in a Right to Repair campaign near you.

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