Why use the Open Repair Data Standard?

The Open Repair Data Standard (ORSD) aims to facilitate the collection and sharing of data related to post-warranty repairs of electrical and electronic products.

repair open laptop

Many organisations and community initiatives around the world are already recording data on barriers to repair experienced when fixing products. However, the lack of a standardised way of collecting and sharing this data can be an obstacle to a smooth and open visualisation of the aggregate work and findings of this network of repair actors.

The ORDS is a shared approach to collecting and publishing this data, helping to highlight current repair barriers, and suggesting options to make future products more repairable. With an open standard, all actors involved in repair can unite voices and call for our right to repair the stuff we own.

Whether you are a community already recording data, an active group not yet tracking your repairs, an independent repairer or a social enterprise repairing electrical and electronic products, you are welcome to share successes and barriers by using the standard.

The more standardised data we collect and publish, the larger our evidence will be in achieving better regulation making repair more accessible, convenient and cost-effective.

Get in touch if you would like to contribute, or if you need help getting started.