Repair Day 2021 – get involved!

On Saturday 16 October we celebrate the fifth edition of International Repair Day, a day to promote and celebrate the value of fixing.  The theme for this year’s edition is “Repair Lowers Carbon Emissions”, in response to the recent, alarming IPCC report on the climate and the UN Climate Negotiations coming up in November.

For most types of products we see at community repair events, most of their global warming impact has occurred before they were used for the first time. The carbon emissions from production, that come embodied in imported products, are often called “consumption emissions”. By extending the lives of these products, we lower our consumption emissions over time.

This Bloomberg article “Here’s why ‘right to repair’ gadgets is really a climate issue” is helpful.

We’re currently updating materials for this year’s edition. Check back soon for press release templates and social media materials in additional languages.

Add your event

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Here are the events listed so far – don’t forget to add yours!  (View a list of this year’s submitted events.)

Online events

Event Date Hosted by
Repair Café Aotearoa NZ: launch event Sat 16th Repair Café Aotearoa NZ (Aotearoa / New Zealand) more info
What Does It Mean to Care and Repair? Sat 16th Repair Acts (Brazil, India, United Kingdom) more info
Obsolescenza programmata: è ora di cambiare paradigma. Soluzioni per la riduzione dei rifiuti Sat 16th RepairCafePerugia – RifiutiZeroUmbria – MarcheaRifiutiZero – CittadinanzaAttiva Ascoli Piceno (Italy) more info
Meet and Share on Zoom Sun 17th Mend It, Australia Check @menditaussie (Twitter/Instagram) the day before the event
Making every Day Repair Day > with Intention, Policy, and Standards Thu 21st TUV Rheinland (Germany) more info

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How can you get involved?

We want everyone to be part of Repair Day, online as well as offline. Here are some ideas to get involved on the day:

  • Attend a community repair event
  • Support a local repair business
  • Fix something yourself, or share your skills with others
  • Share a picture of your repair (successful or not!) or of a memorable repair
  • Join our mailing list for updates

Visual resources

We’re creating new resources to share to announce Repair Day and celebrate it on the day. You’ll be able to use them online and offline to endorse, promote and celebrate Repair Day. Here are some examples from last year, to give you an idea of what you’ll find here soon:

Repair Day Logo
You can access multiple versions of the logo in colour and b&w.

Repair Day –  social media cards

We have 4 social media cards for you to choose from, each in two formats: Instagram/Facebook and Twitter
DOWNLOAD CARDS (currently available in Dutch, English, French, Fongbé, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Portugese)

You can suggest an additional language for our social media cards.

Repair Day A4 Posters


You’ll be able to access the poster in colour or customise one in b&w adding your logo.

Are you a repair business?

Join us using any of our social media cards.
You can also post a picture of you fixing, holding the FIXED! poster, like the one above from last year.

Hashtags and messages

We’ll be sharing using #RepairDay. You can also add the word ‘repair’ in your local language as well, such as #Ripara or #Reparatur.

Here are a few suggestions for messages to share:

  • Broken is not an option!
  • Obey your conscience, disobey the throw-away economy. Repair!
  • A fixed thing is a beautiful thing
  • Celebrate your Right to Repair

Alert the local media!

We’ve created a template press release you can download and customizefor your local event – make sure you add all the details and send it off to the local media. This template is currently available in ENGLISH, GERMAN and soon in other languages. You can even use it for posting on your blog or social media.

Other shareable content